COVID-19 Policy


  • Gourmet Meals remains committed to using industry best practices in the preparation and handling of food to ensure the highest quality and safety of every meal. At this stage, the advice from the Australian Government’s food safety standards authority (FSANZ) is that transmission through food is considered unlikely and there is no evidence of this occurring with Coronavirus to date. For more information, visit FSANZ.
  • Gourmet Meals has implemented controls and practices in order to protect its staff and customers with the following plan to respond to COVID-19. It includes infection prevention, control policies and procedures, safe systems of work, and regular communication of updates with the staff according to the latest information issued by the Queensland Department of Health.
  • Strict hygiene policies are implemented throughout every part of the workplace. There is a stringent cleaning program in place in our production area, which must also comply with our very strict HACCP requirements. Extra emphasis is being put on frequent hand washing, the use of our hand sanitising stations throughout the workplace, daily sanitising of all work surfaces in the business, social distancing where practicable, temperature recording, wearing of PPE for all production staff, as well as masks and gloves for all our delivery staff.
  • Contact between our delivery drivers and the customers is kept to a minimum through encouraging cashless payment and delivery in ice boxes that can be left in front of the door. At all times, strict protocols of maintaining social distance, and hand sanitising or wearing of gloves, are adhered to.
  • If you have been tested positive for Covid-19, or you have recently come from overseas, and are in self isolation, you must advise us by either calling us on 1300 112 112 or emailing us at We will still offer a contactless delivery but will not be collecting your ice box upon your next order. It will be your responsibility to dispose of it. Our drivers use sanitisers to ensure our ice boxes are kept clean and meet our strict hygiene standards at all times.
  • Meetings within the business are kept at a minimum and social distance is practiced. All non-essential staff social gatherings are currently not taking place.
  • We have requested that all our staff avoid crowded areas as much as possible in their own time, as well as avoiding contact with people who have travelled to risk areas overseas, or with those who have tested COVID positive.
  • We have also put policies in place that anyone showing “flu-like” symptoms is not to come into work, and they are not to return until they have been tested for the COVID-19 virus, and have had a medical clearance certificate issued to them by a medical practitioner.
  • For deliveries by suppliers to our premises, contact is kept to a minimum by removing paperwork from delivery interactions; contact details of all delivery people are recorded, and social distancing, temperature-taking and hand sanitisation is practiced at all times.
  • For any visitors to our facility, we have a “Contact Tracing Policy” in place that requires them to leave their details, to record their temperature and to use our hand sanitiser before entering the premises.
  • Should someone in the business contract the Corona Virus, we would close the business down for a period of two weeks. Queensland Health will be notified by a medical practitioner who confirms the diagnosis.
  • All the staff would be required to be medically cleared before returning to work, and the facility would undergo a deep sanitisation clean before work would resume. All our relevant clients and suppliers will be notified.

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