Gourmet Meals has changed my life. I am unable to prepare meals now, and thought a frozen meal would be fairly ordinary, like the supermarket version. I couldn't have been more wrong! These meals are delicious, and healthy. I now eat a balanced meal every day, and most wonderfully I have a choice  every day, thanks to the vast menu. Good sized meals, with vegetables that are cooked perfectly, balanced with delicious flavours. Real food, that tastes as though it's just been cooked. Special dietary requirements? Each meal has symbols, catering to every need, and did I mention they're delicious?  :) I can't pick a favourite because I love them all, but keep an eye out for the fantastic, limited specials.  Ordering is easy, and the lovely team are always happy to answer any questions. Once you taste them you'll be hooked too!

Alannah, Ballina


That's what you call convenient meals with a great taste at a great price, good stuff!

Alex, Gold Coast


"Hi I could hardly wait to get up this morning to email you and say that our local supermarket.... Foodworks at Bradbury, NSW, 2560 has just started to stock 2 of your meals. Curry Prawns and Barramundi.
Last night I tried the Curry Prawns. IT IS THE BEST FROZEN MEAL I HAVE EVER HAD.
Everything about it was perfect....... cooking time.....5 mins on 1200 watt microwave...... taste....I savoured every mouthful.
I just can't wait to try the Barramundi now. I would buy one of these meals EVERY week now.
I am 65 years old, try to eat healthy and do a lot of home cooking, but do have a take out/frozen meal now and again. I am always looking for something that comes up to "home cooked" status. Not very often found. This meal does that!
I have had bariatric surgery, gastric sleeve, with now small stomach size, have lost 50kg and this meal is the EXACT quantity I can eat. It is also the size that ALL Australians should eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
I now know I have for all my life, eaten portion sizes twice as much as my body needed.
Please accept my heartfelt praise on your efforts with this meal. AUSTRALIAN MADE AND OWNED....... you are great.
Ps No more Weight Watchers, Lean Cuisine, McCains or Chinese Take Away for me!"

Annette, St Helens Park, NSW

Cheryl Ellis

Absolutely love the meals. Affordable, great sizes and tastes like home made food and not frozen meals. The fact that they are GF is perfect for me. We are three in the house and every night we come home discuss how our meal was for lunch and drool over the one we are having for dinner. We have a desert every second night and cant get over the magnificent taste the GF deserts give us. The soups are absolutely devine and would like bigger options in this. 


Cheryl Ellis, New Beith


I would like to congratulate you on your wonderful Gluten Free frozen meals. A family member picked up a couple for me to try and they are great.

Darryn, Western Australia


As I am on a disability pension and live on my own, I am gradually getting less mobile, I remembered a few years back after coming out of hospital after a shoulder operation I had some Gourmet Meals.  Well for the last few months I have had great difficulty preparing my own meals and now I order Gourmet Meals all the time.

I use Gourmet Meals because of the nutrition in them, they are as good as I could prepare myself, especially the veges and the meat is so tender.  Gourmet Meals are a REAL MEAL.  The frozen meals from the supermarkets taste like "chewing cardboard" they have no nutrition at all in them.

Gourmet Meals for me.

David , Tweed Heads South


I'm 25, a shift worker and gluten intolerant. Gourmet Meals are by far the best meals I've come across. The portion sizes are great and the price is even better! $6.50 for a regular meal and having the piece of mind that it's gluten free? Love! The price and quality is incomparable. I'm sure others who eat a gluten free diet know how hard it is to find a quality and reasonably priced frozen meal. I will continue to purchase for myself as a run out the door option for work. 

Evie, Bracken Ridge

George Price

Hi I am a widower living with my daughter who is in the Army, so whenever she is away I used to get Lite and Easy meals until I decided to try your Gourmet Meals.

I find your meals a good size for me, very tasty, satisfying and enjoyable to eat in comparison to the Lite and Easy meals, in fact I now enjoy dinner.

Your range and quality is better by far.

Thank You


George Price, Keperra

Janeen Fuller

My 83 year old mum has to stick to low salt food and the ones in the supermarkets have way too much in them. Your meals are perfect for her and she LOVES them. She can manage to zap her own dinner and it is keeping her strong. We are very happy with the meals and the service. Thank you very much.

Janeen Fuller, Upper Coomera

Jill Devitt

THANK YOU! The meals were a gift for my mum who has been really unwell . She was so pleased with all the meals. The food was really fresh and tasty and the delivery was very prompt and came exactly when it was expected.

I will use your company again and have already shared your details with many friends.

Thank you again!

Jill Devitt, Oak Valley


I would like to express my appreciation for your delivery man today. My mother who is 85 and suffers from Parkinsons tried to answer the door and had a fall. He stayed with her until one of our family members came to assist and even helped us pick her up. He is a credit to your company and should be employee of the month at the least.

Thank you so much.

Karen, Coopers Plains


Gourmet meals is excellent. I'm a registered nurse and I recommended this to all my clients that need prepared meals. I know that the meals are well balanced and portion controlled which is important for all my clients. I use them now on weeknights for myself and my family to help us eat balanced dinners with a busy lifestyle. I'm so glad I can come home and make dinner quickly and everyone can have what they want while eating right. 

Laura, Seventeen Mile Rocks


I just purchased your Gluten Free Cottage Pie from my local IGA in Kearns, NSW. I can't tell you how happy I am that a company has finally made a frozen meal for Coeliac sufferers like myself. I've had coeliac disease for 11 years and this made my day! Plus it tasted amazing!!

Melissa, New South Wales


I used to buy other brands but yours are far more superior in everyway. The serves are generous and the meat is nice and tender.

Nancy, Victoria


I love being able to go to freezer and just grabbing something out for dinner, the only problem I have is deciding what to have!

Petra, Caboolture


Gourmet Meals are far superior to any other brand on the market. I've tried numerous products, all of which have paled in comparison to the quality, taste and value for money of Gourmet Meals. I always ensure I have stock on hand for those nights I just cant find the time to cook but still need a nutritious and delicious meal. Congratulations, Gourmet Meals and thank you for your amazing products and services.

Rachel, Gold Coast


Found Gourmet Meals Chicken Curry at Atherton IGA while on holidays. So convenient to have a delicious meal pre-packed ready to heat and serve. We have already looked up where we can source them when we get home - well done!!

Ruth, Pittsworth

Shell Kaz

I have to say thank you for creating tasty meals that are gluten free!
Since developing a gluten and wheat issue, it's certainly woken me to the fact that it's a lot harder to enjoy food due to the lack of Gluten Free ranges.
When you do find Gluten Free foods, those who make them seem to think if you want gluten free, you also want taste free....lol.

I was delighted when I first tried your meals and they tasted glorious! I can't get enough.
My favourites are the Corned Beef, Beef Casserole and Thai Chicken!

LOVE the fact that they are Aussie and in cardboard rather than plastic too!!! Don't like heating my food in cheap plastic and the cardboard breaks down quicker.
They are the perfect meals all round. Wish I had found them sooner.

Shell Kaz

Sue Branson

As a Coeliac, I have found the meals to be fantastic!  I have a busy workload and to be able to not think about cooking is a real blessing. The taste is as if a  top chef has prepared the meals and they are very nutritious. The variety is very exceptional and I find the rest of my family eating them as well.

Congratulations Gourmet Meals - you offer a wonderful service.

Sue Branson, CARINDALE


So pleased my friend introduced me to Gourmet Meals. They are so tasty and you have a great choice. I haven't tried everything on your menu, but I will not hesitate to do so, as I have not come across any meals that I am not satisfied with at all. I have recommended several people to your company, and they too have been pleasantly surprised just how close your meals are to home cooked meals.
You have a brilliant business, keep up the good work. Thank you Gourmet Meals.



The family has just tried your Gourmet Meals Gluten Free Cottage Pie for lunch. Thumbs up from us including our 3 year old and 16 month old... We will definitely be stocking up the freezer and trying the entire Gluten Free range!

Tracey, Tasmania


Just got some Gourmet Meals from Tailem Bend Foodland, not bad tucker! The best in the supermarket's pre-made range so far!!


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