Managing a Loss of Appetite in Elderly People

Managing a Loss of Appetite in Elderly People

Healthy eating is important in throughout your entire life, and even more so as you age. Not only does it contribute to your physical health, but it can help keep your body and mind healthy and improve your quality of life.

Many changes occur across your lifespan as you grow older, and appetite is one of them. Your appetite or your “desire to eat” isn’t fixed and tends to decrease, especially as you reach 60 and beyond. Reasons for a loss of appetite include:

·       Decrease in physical activity

·       Dehydration

·       Lack of routine

·       Decrease in sense of smell and taste

·       Eating has become difficult or unpleasant

·       Changes in the environment, mood, and social interactions

·       Chronic or acute diseases

·       Medication side effects

It is crucial to understand that a decreased appetite could also be an early warning sign of a greater health problem. That’s why it’s recommended that you see a doctor and find the reason behind your decreased appetite and have it treated.

Loss of appetite is an important issue to address as it can reduce the critical nutrients that your body needs to function in old age. Here are ways to stimulate your appetite to ensure you’re receiving adequate nutrition:

·       Enjoy a meal with family members or loved ones

·       Prepare portion-controlled nutritious meals that are bright and colorful, and packed with vitamins and minerals

·       Schedule your meal times at the same time throughout the day, every day of the week to make it a routine part of your day

Consume smaller portions of high protein, high calorie, and nutritious foods or switch to eating several small meals during the day instead of 3 larger ones (especially if you’ve lost weight)
Keep plenty of healthy and delicious easy-to-eat snacks in the pantry if you prefer to frequently eat small quantities of food rather than full meals
If chewing is difficult or uncomfortable, try liquid-y foods like milkshakes or smoothies
To save time, you can cook food in larger batches and store it in smaller individual containers and reheat when it’s time to eat
If meal planning and preparation is challenging for you, Gourmet Meals offers a great convenient solution. Our quick and easy, great tasting “gourmet meals” are recognised by health practitioners, dieticians, and nutritionists as a healthy meal option, especially for the elderly. They are snap-frozen to preserve all the nutrients and flavours naturally, and are delivered straight to your doorstep!

Eating healthy has never been easier! Check out our menu to see our favourite portion-controlled dishes that can increase your appetite and ensure you’re eating enough during the day.

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