Seniors are conquering lockdown with technology

Seniors are conquering lockdown with technology

Social isolation is currently one of the most daunting obstacles facing seniors all around the world, particularly those who live on their own. But, while we’re all feeling very sad about the lack of face to face human interaction due to the restrictions and bans on social gatherings, we are overcoming this enforced distancing using technology. I find it incredibly heartening to see that our seniors are also embracing this golden opportunity to get savvy with technology!

I saw a great clip on 9 News recently that highlighted how more than 7,000 seniors joined together to exercise via the internet in the ‘Biggest Online Seniors Workout’! Our seniors are skyping, zooming and video-chatting their way through the lockdown just as well as our much younger “digital native generation”.

While communal, recreational and dining areas may be closed to residents of retirement villages, thanks to online technology workshops they are still able to stay active and engaged. Some of our customers have confessed they’re even becoming gaming enthusiasts! Word Search, Solitaire and Scrabble are some of the favourite online games being played regularly but there are plenty of others being enjoyed with family and friends using chat and video apps.

Using technology, families and friends are able to remain in touch with each other by sharing meals, playing games, telling each other stories and laughing together.

Even though this is a trying time for many worldwide, the opportunity to connect with someone across the globe, or even learn a new skill from YouTube, has become popular with many seniors. They really are embracing the ‘Alone Together’ mantra as they demonstrate how to make the most of this time of isolation.

While many people are embracing the opportunities that technology brings, I am aware that some people will be struggling with isolation and other concerns. If you, a friend, a neighbour, or someone in your family is worried, sick, or feeling anxious and confused, and you think they may benefit from some healthy delivered meals, then please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Gourmet Meals.

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