Gourmet Meals embraces multiculturalism

Gourmet Meals embraces multiculturalism

As Australia Day 2017 approaches, there is no better time to reflect on who we are as Australian people and who we are as a nation.

Australia boasts such a rich diversity of cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds and our multi-culturalism is reflected in the country's food, lifestyle and cultural practices.
Gourmet Meals is proudly Australian owned and operated, and we too embrace diversity.

Our team is made up of Australian, Swiss, German, Dutch, Irish, New Zealand, Indonesian and Slovenian nationalities and we all work harmoniously alongside one another in true Aussie spirit.

Not only do we have employees from all corners of the globe, but we also offer an international menu that is 100% gluten-free and tastes great.

If you’re after some Asian fare, try our Thai Chicken Curry and Chicken Prawn Laksa, devour some Malaysian Curry Prawns, or warm up some Indian Lamb Curry, Chinese

Honey Soy Chicken and succulent Slow Cooked Asian Pork.

We also have meals inspired by France with Lamb Bourguignon and Chicken Florentine, or North Africa with a beautiful Moroccan Beef Tagine that will tantalise your taste buds.

The diversity continues with dishes of Italian origin like Spaghetti Bolognaise or Russian Beef Stroganoff, to Sausage Onion Gravy or Steak and Kidney for some old English favourites.

And of course there are some Australian classics such as Barramundi and a handful of scrumptious Roasts.

It doesn’t need to be Australia Day to embrace the diverse culture we enjoy here in Australia each and every day, and to satisfy your taste buds with dishes from all over the world.

At Gourmet Meals, all of our meals are packed with fresh wholesome foods and vegetables.

Everything we make is high in fibre, high in protein, reduced in fat and salt, and has no added preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

Check out our menu today to discover the wide range of meals that can be delivered straight to your door.

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