How to Maintain A Healthy Nutrition while on A Soft Foods Diet

How to Maintain A Healthy Nutrition while on A Soft Foods Diet

Eating often becomes a struggle for seniors because of difficulty in chewing or swallowing. Besides that, some develop a decrease in appetite whilst others are simply less willing to eat.

There are many other situations where people are advised to follow a soft foods diet including following surgery, cancer treatment, and dental problems. Finding soft foods that they can eat in these circumstances is essential to be able to continue eating balanced, nutritious meals.

A soft diet is made up of foods that are soft and easy to chew and swallow. These foods  are typically somewhat soft and moist naturally, but may also be pureed or mashed and have moisture added for easier swallowing. In some cases, tougher foods can be modified in texture and consistency for better tolerance.

While on the soft foods diet, try to eat meals that include at least 5 servings of soft fruit and well cooked vegetables, and 2 servings of proteins like tender meat, poultry or fish (without the bones).

Your vegetarian options are eggs, beans, or lentils (remove the skins from vegetables and fruit before eating); 2 servings of dairy (milk or calcium fortified soy milk); bread, cereals, rice, pasta, or potato at each meal.

The following are additional soft food suggestions to ensure you meet your nutritional needs:

●      Choose soft moist foods. Chop, finely mince, grind, mash, or puree foods to a texture you can easily chew

●      Soften bread products or crackers in soup, milk, or tea; or spread with non-hydrogenated margarine, syrup, or honey.

●      Use milk, cream, or broth to mash vegetables like potatoes, yams, squash, or carrots

●      Blend banana, melon, or frozen fruit into milkshakes or smoothies

●      Use gravy, broth, or sauce to moisten meat, poultry, or fish

●      Use cheese sauce to moisten vegetables, noodles, or rice

●      Top foods with butter, margarine, oils, salad dressings, or sour cream to moisten foods and enhance flavors

●      Drink around 8 to 10 cups of fluid per day (most importantly water)

Soft foods don’t have to be boring. With Gourmet Meals, it is possible to eat a well-balanced diet of soft foods with flavour and variety!

Pumpkin Soup - delicious rich cream of pumpkin soup

Mince with Potato Bake - Hearty mince with kale, zucchini, cauliflower, capsicum, carrots, peas and potato bake topped with grated cheese.

Barramundi Fillet - Steamed barramundi fillet topped with a lemon butter sauce, garden vegetables and boiled potatoes.

Cottage Pie - Savoury beef mince mixed with carrots, peas and zucchini, topped with a creamy mash and cheese.

Coconut Dahl - A flavoursome red lentil dahl made with coconut milk, basmati rice, spinach and mango chutney

It’s advisable to check with your dietitian or your healthcare provider for advice on which soft foods to eat. In the meantime, have a look at our menu for other ‘soft diet’ suitable items that you are sure to enjoy!

We also have a specific ‘Pureed Meals’ menu which is available upon request. Call us on 1300 112 112 or email us via for more information.




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