Making change happen now

Making change happen now

Looking back at 2019, it has proven to be a disastrous year with regards to droughts and bush fires causing such destruction and hardship for so many. Our farmers are leaving the land in droves and food prices, as a result, are going through the roof. Water restrictions are being put in place, Victoria has been declared a State of Disaster and NSW a State of Emergency. An unprecedented number of lives has been lost, and there is a widely reported estimate that close to a billion animals have perished as a result of the devastating fires.

It has been incredibly heartwarming though to see, as the crisis keeps unfolding, that the entire world is reaching out to come to Australia’s aid. For most of us though, whilst we have all pitched in where we can, it has left us overwhelmed and saddened, and we are all wondering how we can possibly do more to help.

As a New Year’s resolution, why not start by being more mindful of the affect our current human behaviour is having on this beautiful planet of ours and start by changing our every-day ways in order to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

  • Smarter use of water and power by upgrading to more efficient lighting and tapware and by better managing temperature control
  • Manage our waste better by recycling, reusing and reducing, therefore diverting waste from landfill
  • Grow your own fruit and vegetables
  • Buy local, buy Australian made
  • Be aware of packaging; reject buying products with unnecessary packaging
  • Reduce the amount of meat consumed; reduce the amount you eat as a whole
  • Walk, bike and use public transport whenever possible
  • Go paper free
  • Say no to straws, plastic bags, single use cutlery and plates, balloons
  • Use reusable cups
  • Reduce all food wastage by better planning your meals and shopping
  • Teach children to save energy, recycle and reuse waste

It may seem like an impossible task, but it always starts with that one baby step to reach the top of the mountain, and, by making a concerted effort to change behaviours, both big and small, we can reduce our environmental footprint and start this new decade off with positive change in order to create a healthier future for our planet. So, let’s all kick off the New Year with appreciating what we have, and being more mindful of our own actions and their consequences.

In order to limit your food wastage, why not choose our nutritious, portion controlled, Gourmet Meals. We use sustainable packaging, and, also support our local farmers and fresh produce suppliers. Gourmet Meals has many energy saving processes in place and will be continually looking at reducing its carbon footprint throughout the coming decade. Start making changes now, simply call or order online for a healthier world and reap the rewards of a healthier and more convenient lifestyle for you and your family.




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