Making Healthier Eating Choices This Winter

Making Healthier Eating Choices This Winter

Studies indicate that we do tend to eat more during the winter months, and there are a few potential factors that may contribute to this increased hunger.

o   With the drop in temperature, our body has to work doubly hard to keep itself warm. That’s why we end up craving high-carb foods and desserts. The sugar and starch in these foods provide our body the heat it requires.

o   We tend to drink less water in winter because the cold temperature reduces thirst. We mistake our body's thirst for hunger and eat more food when we just need to drink some water.

o   “Winter blues” is a real thing, experts claim. In fact, a significant number of people actually suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD illness and this makes them eat more.

There is no reason not to give in to your winter comfort food cravings, as long as less nutritious foods are eaten in moderation and your overall diet is healthy and balanced to ensure you feel your best all winter long.

Gourmet Meals has been busy in the kitchen cooking up some warming winter dishes to add a healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients to your winter plate. Introducing our new 2021 Winter Menu!

Kick off your meal with our delicious selection of starters like Minestrone Soup, an Italian vegetable soup made with a tomato-based beef stock, potato, beans and past.

Our delightful, rich main course recipes include Beef Goulash, a hearty beef stew slow cooked in an aromatic sauce served with roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and a cauliflower bake. Satisfy your pork cravings with our tender and tasty Pork Roast with Apple Sauce, with potato wedges, broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower on the side. Or you can party like a pescatarian with our Salmon Chive Sauce -- a fillet of salmon in a creamy chive sauce, potato stack, green beans, broccoli and Asian greens.

Wondering what’s for dessert? Check out our delicious sweet treats, too, like Apple Rhubarb. It’s the perfect winter comfort dessert served with custard and topped with a sprinkling of sweet crumble.

Our mouth-watering winter recipes are available all season long and guaranteed to keep you warm and cosy. Scroll through our Winter Menu 2021 to see what you like!

Gourmet Meals makes mealtimes easy by delivering healthy, nutritious, and great tasting individually portion-controlled frozen meals, so you can prepare home-cooked meals for your loved ones with no hassle. Phone 1300 112 112 or visit Gourmet Meals to place your order now.

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