Spring Clean Your Eating Routine!

Spring Clean Your Eating Routine!

It’s official: Spring is here! The days are longer, the air is fresher, and everybody seems to be in a cheerful mood. For most people, this time of the year represents growth, blossoming of new things, and new beginnings.

Everything is fresh and reborn whenever Spring comes around, including the bounty of fruit and veggies that come into season. It’s the perfect opportunity to allow more fresh, healthy foods into your diet to fill you up and to clean you out.

Here’s a list of different ways to eat healthier this spring:

Seek Out Spring Veggies

Seasonal produce that comes straight from the farm to the table contains many more nutrients and much more flavour than produce that has had to travel long distances, making it the better choice. Current Spring veggies such as artichoke, silverbeet, sugar snap peas and zucchini are packed with healthy nutrients to refresh your mind and replenish your body during this season of new life and fresh beginnings.

Make It A Veggie Good Morning

Eating veggies is beneficial at any time of the day and having at least one serving in the morning will help you meet your recommended daily serving of 2 to 3 cups. As having a fair amount of protein first thing in the morning is also important to get you through the day, you can simply sneak your favorite spring vegetables into your protein of choice. A veggie omelet, avocado toast, or veggie breakfast tacos are the easier recipes you can start with, but you can get more creative as you go along.

Get Your Fruit Goodness

Studies suggest that your body gets more out of certain fruit at certain times of the year, and that’s why eating fruit that is in season is more than just a matter of having your apples or pawpaws when they taste the best.  Fruit that is harvested at its peak time of ripeness contains higher nutritional values such as Vitamin C, folate and carotene which typically very quickly  diminish when stored for a long length of time. The fruit may also cost less, so it’ll be much easier for you to reach your required intake of recommended daily servings of fruit without breaking the bank.

Give Healthy Snacks A Chance

Skip the chips, candy bars and French fries that give snacking a bad name. Stock your refrigerator with healthier snack alternatives. Aside from chopped vegetables and sliced fruits, there are other good-for-you options that you can prepare ahead of time for that easy, grab-and-go snack. The spring season provides an abundance of produce for recipes like a fruit and veggie smoothie, fruit skewers, overnight oats with berries, and so on. You can check out easy-to-make snack recipes on the internet to switch up your snack game.

Eat Mindfully

Mindful eating means paying attention to your food and savoring it as you eat. This allows you to actually eat with pleasure and reduces episodes of binge eating. When you really focus on your food during mealtimes, you will appreciate the flavors, smells, and textures more, which will help you feel more satisfied. With mindful eating, you can fully enjoy the spring time freshness and taste of your perfectly ripe strawberries and fresh-picked asparagus.

Healthy Eating Made Easy

Gourmet Meals is here to help you in making healthier food choices-- because what you eat, matters.  Whatever you’re in the mood for, you are sure to find something on our menu! All our meals are made from only the freshest seasonal produce and ingredients and are served snap-frozen to keep their freshness and flavours intact.

So if you want tasty, healthy, real food, place your order now on our website or call us at 1300 112 112.



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