Interview with a leading chef to see what really happens behind the scenes at Gourmet Meals

Interview with a leading chef to see what really happens behind the scenes at Gourmet Meals

We thought we’d give our customers a sneak peak behind the scenes at Gourmet Meals, as well as offer some insight into choosing the right meals for individual tastes and dietary concerns by interviewing one of our leading chefs. Here’s what we uncovered!

How would a typical day run for a chef at Gourmet Meals?

To prepare the wide range of meals offered at Gourmet Meals I get up early, at 3:30am for a 4:30-5:00am start. Then I put all the bulk ingredients that were prepped the previous day into either large brad pans for stovetop cooking, into the combi ovens for roasting or into huge kettles for casseroling.

After everything is cooked, the other Gourmet Meals staff and I join a production line and fill the individual trays with the different meals we’ve cooked for the day.  That can easily be up to 3000 meals per day. We then seal these and put the meals on racks to be rolled into the blast freezer where these are snap frozen in half an hour.

Once the meals are snap frozen, we deliver these to the packaging room to be packed in cartons and onto pallets for storage and dispatch from our freezer warehouse. After the meals are ready for dispatch, the other staff and I will join in the cleaning and meal prepping for the next day. The meal prepping may include peeling potatoes or carrots, chopping up onions, cutting up chicken etc. Then it is time to start placing the order for all the ingredients for the next day such as cream, milk, eggs, fresh fruit and veg, meat, fish and poultry etc.

What are some of the exciting new meals available for customers to enjoy?

The Turkey and Chicken Stir Fry, Chicken Curry and Curry Prawns are some of our delicious new meals, which are proving to be very popular!

Are gluten-free meals only for those with Coeliac Disease?

At Gourmet Meals we find many people prefer gluten free meals because of slight food intolerances and choosing this type of meal makes them feel better. So, gluten free meals aren’t necessarily just for sufferers of Coeliac Disease.

Where is your fresh produce sourced?

We source meat, poultry, eggs, dairy and most of our vegetables locally.

What do you consider are the must-try meals for customers?

The Roast Lamb and Corned Beef, as well as the Cottage Pie and Mince with Potato Bake are good choices and fish lovers can’t go past the Barramundi Fillet. I also suggest trying the new Asian meal flavours which are great. For dessert, the Bread and Butter Pudding and Apple Crumble will impress anyone with a sweet tooth!

After going behind the scenes and seeing the time and effort our Chefs invest into our wide meal selection, it’s well worth sampling some of our many different dishes today! If you’re interested call us now or order online.

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