Tips to stay in shape this Festive Season

Tips to stay in shape this Festive Season

December is here, and with its arrival comes an overload of various functions and festivities. For the most part, getting into the spirit of the Festive Season tends to involve excessive eating and drinking.

But your health is paramount every single month of the year, including December. If you want to look and feel great when catching up with loved ones, and ring in the New Year feeling like the best version of yourself, then you need to exercise control.

Here are some simple tips to keep the indulgence at bay:

1. Be prepared

You need breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, regardless of what month it is. Even if you have a few nights out for dinners or functions during the week, that doesn’t mean you can fall off the wagon all together and blame it on the “Silly Season”. Plan around your social calendar and - every chance that you get - fuel your body with meals that are high in fibre and nutrients.

2. Eat before you go to a function or party

It’s so easy to graze on nibbles over the course of a few hours and not even realise how much food (and calories) you’ve consumed. But if you eat a healthy and balanced meal before arriving, you’ll feel full and be less tempted to hover around the snacks table.

3. Control your portions

Planning meals and avoiding nibbles is a strong start, but probably the most important tip of all is to control your portion sizes. On Christmas Day, too many people fall victim to putting a bit of everything on their plate and going back for seconds (…or thirds). It is important to only serve up how much you need, not how much you want!

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